Measure the Market

Aggregating sales data for over 20 national insurance carriers

Why use AskGMS?

Get direct access to a powerful database of current, detailed market information compiled from 20+ U.S. national group insurance companies.
Participating companies can run reports based on anonymized data to answer high-value questions about markets, opportunities, and threats.
Not part of an insurance carrier? Looking for data for a specific company or broker? Check out our companion platform, Benefeature.
Benefeature combines data from public and private sources to provide targeted market insights. Intended both for participating AskGMS carriers and group insurance brokers alike, Benefeature provides in-depth Form 5500 intelligence and actionable insights which unlock targeted opportunities.

Top uses for AskGMS

Our tools empower carriers to see their relative competitive position at the market level. Use real data to make strategic decisions about what, where, and how to sell.

Plan Design Benchmarking

Help guide conversations with brokers and prospects by illustrating the most popular plan designs by product, group size, industry, and location

Pricing Analysis

Compare rates against the competition by plan type, industry, case size, and more

Broker Prospecting

See your carrier's share of business with a broker, and identify opportunities to work with new brokers

Market Research / Competitive Intelligence

Trend market changes and identify opportunities for expansion

Measure Sales Performance

See a fuller picture of the market potential beyond your own company's data


  •  Private Database—only accessible to carriers
  •  Web-based tools available 24/7—from any device
  •  Data is updated quarterly—giving you timely information
  •  Includes cases under 100 lives—and public institutions
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Real, objective data
What I like is the fact that we have real, objective data rather than speculation to make decisions on. This helps us sift through anecdotal feedback from the field so we know where to focus.
VP of Sales