We are now expanding our patented benchmarking service to include Group Dental insurance!

Your company needs to anticipate the needs of a fast paced and competitive market of group dental plans. Do you have objective data to measure your Group Dental sales performance for a specific industry, state or metro area relative to the competition? Do you know the plan design features that are selling for a given market segment?

How does it work?

Our tools allow dental insurance carriers to understand their competitive position and make strategic decisions and what, where and how to sell. GMS aggregates data from across the industry and provides participants with a web based reporting tool.

Participating companies supply data quarterly. AskGMS’s patented software allows an in-depth data analysis of market data, always keeping individual participant data private.

Robust analysis, benchmarking and reporting tools gives you the ability to review your data against competitors. Discover business opportunities quickly and easily.

What are the benefits?

  • Data set is unique to this tool – it cannot be purchased from any other source
  • Web based analytics tools are available 24x7 from any device
  • Reports are easy to export and “presentation ready”
  • Data is updated quarterly – giving you timely information
  • Simple annual subscription
  • User Training is included in the fee, and the tool is flexible and easy to use!

Data Insights

AskGMS gives you the data and tools to answer these questions:
  • What are the sales trends for dental insurance plans sold in California for the past 5 years?
  • How many dental insurance plans cover orthodontics?
  • What is the typical basic coverage limit for dental insurance plans sold in New York?
  • How many dental insurance carriers are selling insurance in New England to groups under 100 lives?
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