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Jason Cianchette
Brandon Perry
General Manager
Rebecca Nealis-Albee
Director, Account Management
Michael Milinski
IT / Database Manager
Ian Ryan
Data Analyst
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AskGMS provides plan design benchmarking and data analysis tools for 20+ U.S. National Group Insurance Companies. Our data is unique in the industry, covering both ERISA and non-ERISA groups. We compile and report data for groups with the following product lines giving our participants a competitive edge in an ever changing industry:

From actuaries to sales and marketing, AskGMS provides the tools to answer your rating, plan design, broker coverage, and strategy questions.

Locate growth opportunities, and compare your cases sold with the aggregate of the rest of the market. Broad queries can be refined to report detailed information regarding plan designs within specific industries, geographic location, case size, brokerage of sale, and a wealth of other data angles.

Our user-friendly application brings this data mining power directly to your computer or smartphone. Our friendly and professional customer support is ready to help you get the most out of the AskGMS web application.

Not part of an insurance carrier? Looking for data for a specific company or broker? Check out our companion platform, Benefeature.
Benefeature combines data from public and private sources to provide targeted market insights. Intended both for participating AskGMS carriers and group insurance brokers alike, Benefeature provides in-depth Form 5500 intelligence and actionable insights which unlock targeted opportunities.

Our Strengths

We provide value to our customers by building and providing access to a powerful database of current, detailed insurance market information. Our flagship product, AskGMS, compiles and reports data for Group Life, Group Accidental Death and Dismemberment, Group Long Term Disability, Group Dental, and Group Short Term Disability product lines.

Participating companies submit data which we compile and anonymize, allowing members to do robust queries across multiple entry points in order to compare and analyze their market position or identify new business opportunities. At all times, data is secure and non-identifiable to other participating companies.

Data are accessed with our patented, interactive web-based reporting system. With this data, participating companies identify areas of competitive advantage, build on successes, and protect dominant market positions to maximize profitability and growth.

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